Benefits of Waste Oil Heating

Benefits of Waste Oil Heating

Our products provide a safe manner for recycling your existing oil while reducing, and often eliminating heating bills, hauling risks and liability. They have been adopted by some of the largest corporations in the world and preferred by independent shop owners across North America.

Energy Reclamation

Did you know?

Waste oil worth $0.05 per gallon when hauled may be worth $0.97 or more when reclaimed with our Energy Logic heaters or boilers.

The idea is fairly simple: Use your waste oil as a fuel source. Waste oil contains valuable BTU content, and with our EnergyLogic waste oil heaters and waste oil boilers, you can take used oil that would otherwise be discarded as waste and convert it into a valuable source of energy - heat or hot water - for your business. By reclaiming your used oil, you avoid the hassle and liability of traditional hauling and save money on energy costs at the same time. In fact, it's not unusual for our EnergyLogic heaters and boilers to pay for themselves in as little as a year - an impressive return on an already wise investment.

Better Performance = Lower Cost of Ownership

Performance is all about precision engineering. Waste-oil technology is no different. Our products perform better because they were engineered that way - with smarter system designs and precision parts that last.

Efficiency: Our waste-oil systems generate more BTUs for every gallon of used oil no matter what type of oil is used. That's because our heaters and boilers burn consistently and at a higher temperature than competitors' models.

Reliability: Our systems are as reliable as conventional heaters and boilers, with precision parts that keep things running smoothly and squirrel cage blowers to keep things running quietly.

Durability: In designing these systems, stainless steel that's lighter and stronger than anyone else's was used. In every part only the highest-grade materials and the smartest construction was employed. The result is a waste-oil system that lasts, and an industry-best warrant to back it up.

Efficiency, Reliability and Durability all add up to one thing:

A lower cost of ownership for our customers. Our heaters and boilers come with more standard features, require less maintenance and repair, and remain the best investment on the market.

A Few Stories

We believe that our products, EnergyLogic heaters, boilers, and HVLS fans, are the best deal around and an asset to your business. But hey, don't take our word for it.

"Installing EnergyLogic waste-oil heaters in our new facility was a very logical choice for us. Currently it eliminates all our energy expense to heat all of our operations except our show room and office space. We are spending less than $1,000/mo. to heat the entire operation. However it is equally valuable to us to know our oil is being disposed of properly and in an environmentally friendly manner."

Stan Kujawa, Owner
Findlay Ford, Findlay OH

"We purchased a natural gas heater five years ago and have never even had to turn it on. With the EnergyLogic furnace running, our heating costs have been reduced to zero, and it works so well, that sometimes we even need to turn it down!"

Jeff Taylor, Service Coordinator
Prevost Car Inc, Nashville TN

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